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Preparing for the Notes Domino 8 Application Development Exams?

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Below are the suggested courses you should take to prepare for the Application Development certification.

IBM Certified Associate Developer - Lotus Notes and Domino 8
Exam Required
Course(s) to prepare for the exam
Notes Domino 8 Application Development Foundation Skills (834)
IBM Certified Application Developer - Lotus Notes and Domino 8
Exams Required (in addition to the 834 exam)
Course(s) to prepare for the exam
Notes Domino 8 Application Development Intermediate Skills (835)
Notes Domino 8: Developing Web Applications (836)

Notes Domino 8 Certified Developer Package

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TLCC's Notes, Domino and WebSphere training use the latest, most effective distance learning tools – tools that incorporate both on-line and off-line components. Simply download the course(s) of your choice and install on your local computer. You can take the course, work the exercises, and learn off-line at your own pace – any time, anywhere. Need help? An expert instructor is a click away. Use the links below to view TLCC's complete course catalog:

Notes Domino 8 Developer courses
Notes Domino 8 Admin courses
Notes 8 User courses
Notes Domino 7 Developer courses
Notes Domino 7 Admin courses
Notes 7 User courses
Sametime 7.5 User Courses

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