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XPages Webinar Series with Teamstudio

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TLCC and Teamstudio are co-hosting this monthly webinar series on XPages, Notes and Domino topics.
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SmartNSF - 100% Smart - and in color!

SmartNSF is one piece of the IBM Domino application modernization puzzle! Learn how you can turn a simple Domino database (NSF) to a smart microservice within minutes. If you are new to the world of REST APIs, Microservices, OpenApi Specification and YAML don't worry! Christian and Martin will provide you an introduction to the modern paradigm of the microservice world. We will explore how your "old" skills on @Formulas, Agents and LotusScript fit into the new world of SmartNSF. SmartNSF also brings great value to XPages, Java and SSJS Gurus. And, last but not least, learn how all this fits into IBM's REST API Strategy and get inspired with what can be done with SmartNSF in your business. Will there be a demo? For sure!
Christian Guedeman
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Martin Jinoch

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Tuesday, June 13th at 10:30 AM (New York time) to Noon

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