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TLCC can develop a customized blended learning approach that uses a combination of TLCC self-paced courses, instructor-led online live learning, and/or on-site private classes to provide an optimized learning experience for your organization. Only TLCC offers:
  • Highly Experienced Instructors - Our instructors have almost 20 years of experience in both application development and training on Notes and Domino
  • High Quality Learning Materials - TLCC's highly acclaimed self-paced courses are used as the courseware
  • Reinforce the Learning - After the class is over the students can continue to use TLCC's self-paced course as a reference and review guide
  • Ongoing Instructor Support - Students get continued expert instructor help via the TLCC course discussions for one year after the end of the private class
  • Course Updates - Students will have access to the most current version of the course for one year after the end of the on-site class. This includes updates to the course for new functionality added by IBM in a point release.
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A few examples of how TLCC's flexible approach has quickly enabled our clients:

DAI in Bethesda, MD had a group of Notes developers who had no experience with the Domino Object Model, JavaScript or XPages. Using TLCC's LotusScript courses, these developers were first introduced to the Domino Object Model and object oriented programming in a week-long onsite course. These new LotusScript skills not only prepared the developers for XPages training but also enabled them to start using LotusScript in their Notes development work too. Next, a subsequent week of onsite training introduced the team to JavaScript and XPages development. DAI also uses TLCC's Mentoring Services to get one on one assistance with a TLCC expert after the formal training concluded.

SMC Corporation had already started with XPages development but wanted to take the next leap and learn how the controls in the Extension Library, such as the Application Layout Control, could help them create a better user interface for their XPages applications. Using TLCC's Rapid XPages Development Using the Application Layout and Dojo UI Controls course as a guide, TLCC conducted a four day onsite course. As a result of their new skills, the development team is now effectively competing against other teams using alternative development stacks, winning more and more internal development projects, and increasing the value of the investment that SMC has made in the Notes and Domino platform.

Imaging Business Machines, LLC's single application developer wanted to start creating XPages applications to enable mobile access to their existing Notes databases. Using instructor-led web-based training, TLCC enabled ibml's developer to quickly learn XPages and the mobile controls. TLCC's Mentoring Services also provided ibml's developer access to Paul and Howard from TLCC for assistance applying her newly learned skills to production applications.
Click here to see the IBM Case Study for IBML

Sauk County also had one application developer who wanted to start moving data in Notes applications to the web to enable better public access and to provide mobile access for county workers on the road such as the police force. Using a combination on TLCC's self-paced courses, on-line web-based instructor training, and TLCC's mentoring services enabled the developer to create web and mobile applications including a new application that saved the county money by enabling police officers to complete their daily reports right in their vehicle instead of using a paper report that had to be entered by the clerical staff each day.
Click here to see the IBM Case Study for Sauk County

Let TLCC help your organization develop a learning plan to move to XPages, train new developers and adminstrators, or learn the new features of Domino 9. For more information and a custom quote contact sales@tlcc.com or call us at 888-241-8522 (561-953-0095 outside the U.S. and Canada) and choose option 1