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New Feature in TLCC's User Courses

TLCC's Notes 8 and 8.5 user courses can display an electronic quick reference in the Notes 8 sidebar. This lets your users easily see the topics from the course and quickly navigate to a topic they might want to learn more about. This feature will reduce calls to your help desk and save your company money!

Below is an image of one of TLCC's user courses available in the Notes sidebar.

A student can click on any lesson title in the sidebar to open the lesson and display its contents in a Notes window tab.

The student can also choose to open the course using the [Open Course] button in the sidebar:

Implementation of this new feature is easy. Complete instructions to setup a Widget, publish it to the catalog, and setup a desktop settings policy to automatically install the Widget on all your user's computers are included with TLCC's user courses.

To try out a FREE demo of this feature, sign up for TLCC's Notes 8 demo course!
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