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TLCC's Notes 9 User Course Descriptions

Using the Notes 9 Social Edition Client
Using iNotes 9

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Using the Notes 9 Social Edition Course Using iNotes 9 Course

Using the Notes 9 Social Edition

The Using Notes 9 Social Edition course is designed to teach Notes 9 to new Notes users. Students will learn about the Notes user interface controls and the basic elements found in all Notes applications. This course provides detailed coverage of the Notes Mail, Calendar, To Do List applications, Notes editing features, Notes searching features, and the many useful Internet integration features available in Notes. They will also learn how to customize and personalize Notes to the way they work. The course includes many integrated, hands-on practice and setup activities to reinforce the student’s learning and provide immediate feedback. For additional feedback, each course module includes a self-assessment quiz and there is a final exam.

Outline - Using Notes 9
The course is organized into thirteen modules. A summary of the information in each module follows:

Module 1 - Introducing Notes
This module introduces Notes and Notes applications. Learn how to start, exit and lock Notes.

Module 2 - Notes User Interface Controls
This module provides details for the main user interface controls available in Notes. Learn how to use the home page, window tab bar, bookmarks, navigation buttons, toolbars, status bar, menus and action buttons.

Module 3 - Notes Applications
This module introduces the main components of a Notes application. It outlines the basic skills required when working with any Notes application. In addition, this module details and demonstrates procedures for working with applications, views and documents.

Module 4 - Notes Editing Features
This module describes the rich text editing features available in Notes, including the text highlighter feature, the permanent pen feature, lists, attachments and links.

Module 5 - Notes Mail and Contacts
This module describes how to use the Notes mail and Contacts applications.

Module 6 - Notes Calendar and Meetings
This module describes how to use the Notes Calendar application.

Module 7 - Managing Your To Do List
This module describes how to use the Notes To Do list application.

Module 8 - Customizing and Personalizing Notes
Notes offers many options for customizing it to the way you work. This module describes many of these options so you can take advantage of them.

Module 9 - Searching with Notes
Notes offers many powerful searching capabilities. This module focuses on various techniques for searching in Notes.

Module 10 - Other Notes Features
Other features of Notes are explored in this module including choosing a default web browser for URL links in Notes.

Module 11 - Advanced Notes Editing Features
This module describes the advanced rich text editing features available in Notes, including sections, rules, hotspots, tables and pictures.

Module 12 - Advanced Notes Mail Topics
This module covers advanced Notes mail topics including recalling a sent message, creating and using stationery, filtering incoming mail, archiving mail and delegating access to your mail.

Module 13 - Notes Mobile and Remote Support
This module describes how to take advantage of Notes' mobile and remote support.