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TLCC offers two Java courses designed just for XPages Developers. Both courses are taken using your Domino Designer client. TLCC's unique form of demonstrations and activities lets you view live Java code right on the demonstration XPage. This makes it easy to see both the code from the Java code design element and how that Java code integrates with the XPage itself. You can get both courses together with TLCC's Java for XPages Package at a great price! Start programming with Java in your XPages today!

Package Deal! Get both Java courses below with TLCC's Java for XPages Package.
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Java 1 for XPages Development (9.0) is for developers who desire to get the basics of the Java programming language and how to write Java code in XPages. You will practice writing Java code right in Domino Designer. This course covers:
  • How Java is used in XPages
  • The Java editor in Domino Designer
  • The basic Java operators, statements and core classes
  • How to use Java to access and interact with Domino Objects including the Session, Database, View and Document objects
  • Java Arrays, Vectors and Collections
  • Integrating Server-side JavaScript with Java
  • Creating and using the Java Code Design Element in XPages
  • Migrating Domino Java web Agents to XPages
  • And much more!
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Java 2 for XPages Development (9.0) is where you take your Java skills to the next level with advanced XPages development techniques. You will learn:
  • How to debug Java in XPages
  • Use the Expression Language (EL)
  • Create and Use Managed Beans
  • Use the Dynamic View Panel Customizer Bean to customize the views in the Dynamic View Panel
  • Create Navigators with Java using the Bean Picker
  • Use third party Java libraries like Apache POI and FOP to export Domino data to spreadsheet and PDF formats
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