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TLCC's Quickr 8 User Course Descriptions

Using Quickr 8 - covers how to use a Quickr place including the Connectors. This course is for the majority of Quickr users who will be accessing content and collaborating in a Quickr place using My Files and My Places.

Creating and Managing a Quickr 8 Place - covers how to create and manage a Quickr place. Students learn to create and set the access to a place. Next , they learn to organize the content and activity in a place by adding folders and rooms. The course also covers how to customize a place to suit the needs of the place members and managers.

Both courses are included in your one low-cost site license!

Using Quickr 8Creating and Managing a Quickr 8 Place

Using Quickr 8

TLCC's Using Quickr 8 course covers how to use Quickr places. Students will learn to use the Place library to check-in and check-out files and documents, discussions, calendar and other Quickr functions. Quickr Connectors, which allow access to the library from Windows and many other desktop programs, including the Notes 8 client, are also covered. This course is delivered using the Notes client or a web browser. The course includes many hands-on practice activities to reinforce the student's learning and provide immediate feedback. A practice Quickr place will be setup to allow for these practice activities. For additional feedback, each course module includes a self-assessment quiz and an optional final exam.

Module 1- Introducing Quicker
This module introduces IBM Lotus Quickr. Logging in and out of Quickr along with an overview of the My Places and My Files area will be discussed in this module.

Module 2 - Working in a Team Place
This module describes and illustrates the features and functions found in the Quickr "Standard place for Teams" template. Member roles and place navigation is discussed along with the various actions that can be performed in the place library.

Module 3 - Other Things to do in a Place
This module describes some of the other things that can be done in a Quickr place. Team collaboration tools such as the Discussion, Calendar, and Tasks folders and the integrated chat feature are explored.

Module 4 - Quickr Connections
Lotus Quickr Connectors allows access to the content in a Quickr place directly from applications such as Microsoft Office, Windows Explorer, Lotus Notes and Lotus Sametime. After installing the Lotus Quickr Connectors, a Quickr user can connect to and operate on the files in a place directly from these applications. For example, from Lotus Notes a user can compose a mail messages and choose to send a link to a shared file in a Quickr place instead of a file attachment.