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The Learning Continuum Company’s approach to Notes and Domino training can be done anywhere, at your own pace. TLCC's courses incorporate both on-line and off-line components to give you the best of both worlds, self-paced training that still has an instructor to ask for help, just like in the classroom! Simply download the course(s) of your choice from TLCC’s web site. Once installed on your computer, you can take the course, work the exercises, and learn off-line at your own pace – any time, anywhere.

More flexible than conventional classroom training
Distributed learning technology allows TLCC to deliver our training to you, wherever you are, whenever you need it. Our modular sets of courses make it easy for you to pick and choose only the material you need. The courses are taken using your Notes client as a set of Notes databases installed on your local system. There is no need to be on-line when taking the course.

The course stays on your system and can be used as a reference. There is no expiration date to accessing the course (only a time limit on instructor support and downloading the course from our site.)

There is no need to travel, no scheduling conflicts, no waiting for a course to become available and no cancellations.

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Need Help - A Certified Expert Instructor is a click away!
Our innovative off-line exercises and instruction are enhanced by on-line collaborative discussion groups. A click from any lesson in a TLCC technical training course brings you to an integrated discussion database. This discussion database is monitored by TLCC’s instructors. We will get back to you within one business day with a response to your question. Students in TLCC’s Notes and Domino courses can replicate a local Notes database with TLCC to participate in the discussions or use a web browser, the choice is up to you.

TLCC's end-user courses have a similiar integrated discussion, however, your support staff will monitor the discussions and support your own users. The links to the Discussion database can be turned off if you do not desire to provide this level of support to your users.

TLCC’s combination of off-line training and on-line interaction provides you with some important advantages over other instructional methods.

More interactive than videos, CDs or documentation
While these other training aids can be effective, you’re essentially on your own. At TLCC, your ability to collaborate and interact with our instructors and other students means help is there when you need it. Our activities and demonstrations are done live using the Notes and Domino software you are learning – not simulations or screen shots. Almost every lesson has demonstrations to show you how the technology works and then activities to provide the hands-on experience needed apply what you have learned to your real-world situations. Our developer courses use Domino Designer to develop real Domino applications/code. Our administration courses walk you thru building a test Domino server environment, all on one computer. This is a completely separate server-client environment than your production servers. There is no need and no impact to any of your organization's Domino servers for any TLCC technical course. TLCC's end user courses are placed on your Domino server to easily deploy them to every user.

The best way to learn is by doing and TLCC's courses not only show you how, but, give you the hands-on experience!!!

Designed by world-class instructors and experts
The people behind TLCC are specialists – thoroughly grounded in Notes/Domino and well-versed in providing highly technical computer training to professionals like you. We have trained thousands of developer and administrators from more than 70 countries how to use Notes and Domino. Our course designers and instructors have worked with and taught classes on Notes and Domino since release 3.