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WebSphere Development Using Rational Developer 6 for Domino Developers PackagePrint Package Information
Many Domino developers are asking what is WebSphere and how does it fit into my Domino environment? This package, designed specifically for Domino developers, contains the two courses to answer these questions. Rational Application Developer 6 (the replacement for WebSphere Studio 5) is the tool of choice to develop multi-tier enterprise applications for deployment on a WebSphere Application Server. This package contains the following courses: These courses are specifically designed for Domino developers and include numerous tips and hints to bridge from your existing knowledge of Domino development to developing WebSphere applications. There are many live demonstrations and student activities done right in the Rational 6 development environment. After completing these courses and gaining some experience with Rational Developer you should be prepared to take the certification exam to become an IBM Associate Developer on Rational Application Developer, V6.

If bought separately, these courses would cost $1,600. Save $200 by buying this package!

Experienced Domino developers with a basic understanding of the Java programming language. The recommended prerequisite courses are: or
  • Equivalent Java programming course to the courses listed above.

The system requirements for this course are: