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Ready to move your Notes application to the web? Great Domino web applications require knowledge of how Domino works with web browsers along with some special techniques. The Domino 6 Web Development Package includes two courses which build on your Notes development skills to unleash Domino as a world class web development platform. First, learn web development and how Domino works with web browsers with TLCC's course, Developing Domino 6 Web Applications. Then, add JavaScript to your applications with TLCC's JavaScript for Domino 6. These two courses will show you how to convert your Notes databases into dynamic web applications. Course topics include:
  • Fundamentals of web application design with Domino
  • How to use HTML to make Notes more "web-like"
  • Get the most from forms, views, and frames from a web perspective
  • Secure your web application with Domino's web security settings
  • Learn the fundamental building blocks of the core JavaScript language and how it relates to HTML
  • Use the JavaScript Object Model
  • Use Client-Side JavaScript objects, methods and events
  • Learn Cascading Style Sheets and how to use them in Domino
  • Validate forms with JavaScript
  • Work with browser windows
  • Use framesets
And much, much more, These two courses contain over 6 days worth of material...Go at your own pace and at your place. An expert instructor is always just a click away to respond to any questions you have.

These two courses would normally cost almost $1,300 if purchased separately. Get both courses together for only $999! Save $300 with this package!

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Developing Domino 6 Web Applications
JavaScript for Domino 6

System Requirements

A Domino Designer client 6 and a current browser. Access to the Internet is required to get instructor support.

Audience and Prerequisites

Experienced Notes Application developers who want to learn how develop web applications in Domino. A basic understanding of HTML is recommended but not required.