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Java Programming Special - Domino 6Print Package Information

Learn Java for Notes and Domino 6 with TLCC’s highly acclaimed Notes/Domino training. Get started with this package which contains TLCC's Notes and Domino 6 beginner and intermediate Java programming courses. Both courses are written exclusively for Notes and Domino 6 developers and contains many live demonstrations and activities that you do right in the Domino Designer 6. These courses will enable you to start programming in Java using Domino today and prepare you for other Java environments like WebSphere!

Get the following TLCC courses:

Save $200 - If you bought these two courses individually you would pay $1,498.

This package contains about 7 days of training. Learn:
  • The basics of the Java language and how to apply that knowledge to writing Java-based agents.
  • Access and interact with Domino Objects
  • Create Java agents that run from a web browser
  • Use the core Java classes to perform calculations, format output, read data and access the internet.
  • Work with vectors and arrays.
  • Access and change Notes fields including rich text.
  • Create a webquerysave agent to validate data and prevent multiple submissions of the same form.
  • Build a web-based multi-item sales order shopping cart.
  • Work with document collections and views to process documents and build reports.

Experienced Notes and Domino 6 developers who want to learn how to use Java in their Notes and Domino 6 applications. The recommended prerequisites are:
  • Experience as an Domino developer (TLCC's Notes Domino 6 Application Development 1 and 2 courses or their equivalent.)