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Purchase 100 units of TLCC courses and let anyone in your organization take TLCC courses. TLCC's corporate packages allow an organization to purchase a fixed number of units at a great price. As the organization assigns a student to take a particular course, TLCC will reduce the units remaining. The units in a corporate package may be assigned for up to one year from date of purchase. The instructor support and ability to download the course by each student will end on the later of the end date of the corporate package or six months from the date assigned, whichever is later. The students may continue to access the course on their local system.

TLCC's course catalog lists the units for each course (they are different depending on the length.) Click on each course name in the course catalog to open the course description and determine how many units that course is.

Interested in more information about TLCC's corporate packages?
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See the individual courses for more information.