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Secure your future! TLCC's highly acclaimed training can enhance your skills, help you get certified, and become more “marketable” in your field. Train all your users too!
TLCC, the leader in Notes and Domino training since 1997, offers a complete selection of courses on Notes, application development, system administration, XPages, Java, LotusScript, and JavaScript. Sign up for a course at our web site, download it onto your home or office computer (or both) and learn at your convenience.
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Fall Sale on TLCC's Most Popular Courses and Packages - Fall is just around the corner but you can start saving hundreds and even thousands of dollars with TLCC's Fall Sale now! Save on XPages, Notes/Domino developer and administrator courses and packages. This sale ends on September 29th, so hurry to lock in your savings.
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New Course - XPages Development 2 for Notes and Domino 9 - Take your XPage development skills to the next level with the XPages Development 2 course! This course picks up after TLCC's XPages Development 1 course and concentrates on the skills needed to move your traditional Notes/Domino applications to XPages and to enhance and optimize your XPages applications. In this extensive, hands-on course you will learn:
  • The XPages Architecture and Life cycle
  • How to optimize your XPages performance using partial refresh and execution
  • Migration strategies for moving traditional Notes applications to XPages
  • The use of Single Copy XPages Databases to optimize performance
  • Localize your XPages applications for different languages
  • Use Custom Controls and pass data between an XPages and custom controls
  • Use Client-Side JavaScript libraries like XSP and Dojo
  • Use Dojo Widgets
  • Add charts to your XPages using DojoX chart widgets
  • Run traditional Domino agents from your XPages
  • Create an "XAgent" to return XML, JSON and HTML
  • Debug Server Side JavaScript using the SSJS Debugger and logging
  • Use the Dojo Data Grid as an alternative for the View control
  • Enable filtering, sorting and searching in a Dojo Data Grid
  • Create a custom REST Service that aggregates data from different applications
  • Use the Relational controls to access and display relational data on your XPages
  • Use the View Panel, Repeat, and Data Table controls to display relational data
  • Understand the new @Functions to access, update and delete relational data
  • Plus much more!
With this TLCC course, like all TLCC courses, you are not watching videos or just listening to a speaker, you get hands-on experience in Domino Designer. Just about every topic has a demonstration of the techniques used in the lesson. Then you will perform an activity to give you the skills and confidence you need to be productive.
Introduction Special! Save $300, until September 29th your investment for this course is only $599!
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Need Extra Help? - TLCC's Mentoring Services can provide you one-on-one help with your learning or that extra assistance with your development project. XPages are our specialty! You don't have to be a TLCC student to use the TLCC Mentoring Services.
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Try a FREE course - The best way to evaluate TLCC’s training is by actually trying a course or two - at no cost or obligation! TLCC even has a complete three hour course available at no charge to introduce you to XPages development, Introduction to XPages Development.
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Need Help Selecting the Right TLCC course? - TLCC's skill paths will help you determine what skills you need to meet you goals. If you are interested in XPages, upgrading your certification, or are new to Notes and Domino, TLCC can help! Just choose your goal and we will map out the skills needed. You can also contact our Education Counselors to get help selecting the right courses for you.
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