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Secure your future! TLCC's highly acclaimed training can enhance your skills, help you get certified, and become more “marketable” in your field. Train all your users too!
TLCC, the leader in Notes and Domino training since 1997, offers a complete selection of courses on Notes, application development, system administration, XPages, Java, LotusScript, and JavaScript. Sign up for a course at our web site, download it onto your home or office computer (or both) and learn at your convenience.
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Next Webinar: A Notes Developer's Journey into Java - Beans and Java! We hear those buzz words all the time but our XPages applications seem to work fine with Server Side JavaScript. Why should we use Java and managed beans? Come learn about one long-time Notes developer's journey using a Java Managed Bean and why. Discover how a Bean allowed the data to be cached in memory allowing for quick access to user-selected data subsets. Learn how different Java collections like HashMaps, ArrayLists and TreeSets can be used to build in-memory objects of your data. See how using a Managed Bean can simplify and greatly speed up your XPages applications! A comparison will be made of the performance savings before and after the implementation of the Managed Bean. Come get gently led down the path to the pot of Java waiting at the end of the rainbow!
This webinar will take place on February 17th, from 10:30 A.M. to noon (Eastern U.S. time).
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Need Extra Help? - TLCC's Consulting and Mentoring Services can either provide you one-on-one help with your development project or can do it all. XPages are our specialty! Modernize your Notes only applications and move them to mobile or the web!
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Recorded Webinar: Tips for Building Your First XPages Java Application - If you missed our webinar this month be sure to watch the recording! Learn how XPages and Java go together like bicycles and great exercise. But much like you wouldn't attempt a hundred mile bicycle ride on your first day, Java is best learned by starting small and building on your accomplishments. Planning, preparation and realistic goals are keys to becoming proficient at using Java in your XPages applications. Mike and Graham shared their experiences on their Java treks and demonstrated what they have learned while building a Java-based shopping cart in an XPages application.
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Try a FREE course - The best way to evaluate TLCC’s training is by actually trying a course or two - at no cost or obligation! TLCC even has a complete three hour course available at no charge to introduce you to XPages development, Introduction to XPages Development.
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Need Help Selecting the Right TLCC course? - TLCC's skill paths will help you determine what skills you need to meet you goals. If you are interested in XPages, upgrading your certification, or are new to Notes and Domino, TLCC can help! Just choose your goal and we will map out the skills needed. You can also contact our Education Counselors to get help selecting the right courses for you.
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