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New Ways to Customize Designer in 8.5.304/09/2012Click here to see this tip!
 Designer 8.5.3 added two nice features to allow a developer to customize Designer. First, there are now new perspectives tailored for either a traditional Notes developer (no XPages) or an XPages developer. These new perspectives hide the design elements in the Applications Navigator that would not be needed. Plus, the Forms/Views Perspective will hide the XPages related views like Outline and Controls Palette allowing for more screen "real estate". Finally, the Domino design elements in the Applications Navigator can be customized for each perspective to only show the design elements you need.

Do You want to be an XPages Developer?03/19/2012Click here to see this tip!
 This article discusses the skills you will need to start developing XPages.

Customize the Controls Palette in Designer03/01/2012Click here to see this tip!
 Domino Designer 8.5.3 added several very nice features for XPages developers. This tip covers how to customize the controls that appear on the Controls palette. This ability is one of the new additions in Domino Designer 8.5.3.

Speed Up Notes and Domino Designer 8.502/17/2012Click here to see this tip!
 Learn how to speed up your Notes and Domino Designer with this quick and easy tip!

Local Web Preview and Skype03/09/2011Click here to see this tip!
 There are often issues when previewing local Domino web applications in the Notes client and/or Domino Designer. The problem is that port 80 is used by the local web preview feature and is frequently also used by other programs. One such program is Skype. This tip will show you how to configure Skype so it does not use port 80.

Compare Design Elements in Domino Designer12/13/2010Click here to see this tip!
 Ever want to compare two agents to see what the differences are? Domino Designer 8.5 has the ability to compare design elements. Learn how to use this feature with this tip!