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You Are Not Alone!!!

TLCC offers several ways to assist you as you learn.

Course Discussions - every TLCC technical course has a dedicated discussion database where you can post questions about the course you are taking. A TLCC instructor will respond to your question within one business day (if not sooner). You participate in the course discussions by either replicating your local copy of the discussions database with TLCC or can use a web browser.

TLCC Consulting/Mentoring Services - Need extra help applying concepts learned in the TLCC courses or help implementing your organization's application development projects? TLCC's consulting and mentoring services can help! Your TLCC instructor/consultant will work one-on-one with you and/or your team. TLCC can provide consulting either remotely or at your location. We also do Notes and Domino support and administration services. You do not need to be a TLCC student to take advantage of TLCC's Consulting/Mentoring services.

XPages are our specialty and TLCC's experienced instructors have been working with and teaching XPages since it was available in the pre-beta Domino 8.5.0 version! TLCC's instructors/consultants can also help you with Notes development, LotusScript, Java, and Domino web development.
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