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Published on January 18,2011

In This Newsletter - From The Learning Continuum Company, the leader in Notes and Domino training since 1997!
  1. New!!! On-line Instructor Led Classes at TLCC
  2. Visit TLCC at Lotusphere
  3. Lotusphere Tidbits!
  4. IBM Article on Local Mail Replicas vs. Server Mail Replicas
  5. TLCC Updates Courses for Notes and Domino 8.5.2
  6. Reactivate or Upgrade your TLCC course!
  7. Attention IBM Employees - New Advanced XPages Course is now at the Learning@IBM site
  8. No-charge Courses and other Resources at TLCC's site

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1. New!!! On-line Instructor Led Classes at TLCC

TLCC has been the leader in self-paced training courses for over 14 years, and now, is the leader in XPages training with a full curriculum of self-paced training courses on XPages. Many of our customers love our courses but just have trouble setting aside the time to take the course. There are always interruptions during the day and tasks that need to be completed right away. One solution is to attend a scheduled class with a live instructor to explain the content and help with the activities. Now TLCC is offering live instructor led classes, on-line, so you can continue to get TLCC's training regardless of your location. You attend scheduled on-line lectures and get the full attention of an expert TLCC instructor when you need help with the activities. After the class you have access to the TLCC self-paced course to further review the material and use the course as a reference guide, plus you get continued instructor support in the course discussions for an additional six months!

Each course is scheduled for four days. You will spend two hours in the morning learning from the TLCC instructor and then have time to complete activities assisted by your instructor. In the afternoon will be another two hour session followed by more activity time. (The times may vary depending on the daily schedule.) You will use the TLCC course materials as your reference guide and to perform the demonstrations and activities. Class size will be limited to provide for maximum instructor attention if you need help doing an activity.

Below is the upcoming schedule. All classes will start at 9:00 AM and run to 5:00 PM, U.S. Central time.

Developing XPages Using Domino Designer 8.5
March 15 to 18, 2011
Developing XPages Using Domino Designer 8.5
April 18 to 21, 2011
XPages Development 2 for Notes and Domino 8.5
May 17 to 20, 2011
Developing XPages Using Domino Designer 8.5
June 7 to 10, 2011
XPages Development 2 for Notes and Domino 8.5
July 12 to 16, 2011

Hurry, Space is limited! Sign-up before the classes fill up!

To sign up contact TLCC at or call us at 888-241-8522 (outside the U.S. and Canada call 561-953-0095).

For more information on TLCC's Instructor-Led XPages courses go to:

2. Visit TLCC at Lotusphere

Going to Lotusphere? Be sure to visit TLCC at booth 320. This is our 14th year as an exhibitor!!!

Stop by TLCC's booth on Monday or Tuesday and get a cool T-shirt, in your choice of black or yellow!!! (Hurry, supplies of the shirt are limited.) Wear the shirt at Lotusphere on Wednesday and drop off your entry form (included with the shirt) at TLCC's booth and you could win a 42" flat panel HD TV!!! The drawing will be at 4:00 PM on Wednesday at the TLCC booth.

We only have 400 T-shirts, so your chances of winning are great!

Come see our new courses, including our lineup of XPages courses, and see for yourself why TLCC is the leader in Notes and Domino Training and now the Leader in XPages Training!!!

Haven't made plans to go to Lotusphere yet? It is not too late to sign up (the show starts on January 30th).

For more information on Lotusphere go to:

3. Lotusphere Tidbits!

Even if you are not going to Lotusphere check out the news below:

Lotusphere Social Media Aggregator - this website will aggregate all the news about Lotusphere appearing on Twitter, blogs, event photos, videos, and more! There will be many people live blogging at key events such as the Opening General Session, so, if you are not going, stay tuned on the web and get the news in real-time.

Below is a link to a live blogging and video of the Opening General Session for Lotusphere by Carl Tyler and Chris Miller.

Session Database - Download a Notes database containing all the sessions, information about speakers, activities, events, and even courses and books about all things Lotus.

iPhone, Blackberry Session Applications - There are mobile applications for the iPhone and Blackberry that have the sessions listing as a native application (no connectivity required). To get the application search for LSMobile in iTunes or for the Blackberry, in App World. If you have last year's mobile application still on your phone than just reload the sessions to get the 2011 updates.

Andy's Guide to Lotusphere - New to Lotusphere? Or maybe just want some tips on how to plan your week? Check out Andy's Guide to Lotusphere.

4. IBM Article on Local Mail Replicas vs. Server Mail Replicas

IBM has published an article on the advantages and considerations of using Notes and Domino local mail replicas. It compares the use of local mail replicas with server-based mail and demonstrate the circumstances when it is optimal to use one method over the other.

5. TLCC Updates Courses for Notes and Domino 8.5.2

The following TLCC courses have been updated for Notes and Domino 8.5.2:

Current students in these courses can download the latest version of their course at no charge. Previous students in these courses can reactivate their courses. See the next topic below for more information.

To see a history of what changed for these courses go to:

6. Reactivate or Upgrade your TLCC course!

If you have purchased a TLCC technical course that is for Notes and Domino 6.0 or higher you can now reactivate your course to get access to download the course installation file again (including any changes for that course) as well as instructor support for six more months.

Certain TLCC courses are also eligible for a low-cost upgrade to the latest Notes and Domino 8.5 version of the same course.

Only TLCC protects your investment in training by continuing to update courses and provides the option to reactivate or upgrade your course!

For more information on reactivating or upgrading your course go to the Manage My Account page:

7. Attention IBM Employees - New Advanced XPages Course is now at the Learning@IBM site

Now available at the Learning @ IBM site for IBM employees - TLCC's new advanced XPages course, XPages Development 2 for Notes and Domino 8.5. There is no need to use a credit card or get a purchase order! Other courses for Notes and Domino 8.5 are also available. Check out the available courses listed below:

For a complete list of available courses go to:

8. No-charge Courses and other Resources at TLCC's site

TLCC offers several demonstration and complete courses at no cost. The demonstration courses work just like the actual TLCC course but contain a subset of the lessons. The following demonstration and full courses are available:

Developer courses:
User courses:
If you are receiving this newsletter then you do not have to register again at the TLCC site to try a demonstration course. Your username is at the end of this newsletter.

To try the free demonstration courses go to:

Tips Archive
TLCC has archived all of our tips for Notes/Domino. The Tips Archive, which can be searched, is an excellent source of ideas and sample code to try in your applications.

To view the archive of all the tips go to:

White Paper - Effectively Training Notes users
This white paper explores the different alternatives to train your users how to effectively use the Notes client, reduce help desk calls, and maximize your return on investment in your Notes/Domino infrastructure.

To download the white paper go to:

Please contact us at 888-241-8522 or 561-953-0095 if you have any questions. You can also send an email to

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