XPages and JavaScript for Domino 9 Package
XPages are an entirely new way to develop applications in Domino. The core programming language for XPages is JavaScript, therefore, a knowledge of JavaScript is essential to an XPage developer. This package contains TLCC's JavaScript for XPages course to give you the background you need for XPages. It also has TLCC's first XPages Development course.

For more information on these two courses go to the following links:
JavaScript for XPages Development (9)
XPages Development 1 for Notes and Domino 9

These two distance learning courses, like all TLCC courses, includes many demonstrations and activities you will do "live" in Domino Designer. No simulations or videos are used. You will get hands-on experience building XPages and writing JavaScript while learning at your own pace in your own home and/or office. A Domino server is not required and the course will install on your local system. Need help? An expert TLCC instructor is a click away via an integrated course discussion database.

You will save $300 by buying this package!

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System Requirements

Audience and Prerequisites

You should be an experienced Notes and Domino developer before taking these courses. The following TLCC courses (or their equivalent) are prerequisite for this package: