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Learn WebSphere in Your Underwear!!!

Now any developer can learn WebSphere right at the office or in the comfort and privacy of home! And you don't have to be dressed for success. The Learning Continuum Company offers distance learning courses that show you how to use Rational Developer 6 to start developing web pages, Java applications, servlets, portlets, and JavaServer Pages. Particular emphasis is placed on J2EE applications and the Model-View-Controller architecture.

TLCC offers WebSphere training courses for all developers and specialized WebSphere training courses for Domino developers. Pick the course depending on your background and your needs!
Click here if you are a Domino developer to see information on TLCC's specialized WebSphere courses for Domino Developers.

Not Using IBM Rational Developer 6?
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Introduction to WebSphere Using Rational Developer 6

TLCC's Introduction to WebSphere Using Rational Developer 6 course will teach any programmer or developer with basic Java skills how to use IBM's Rational Developer 6 to create, test, and debug Java applications, web pages, servlets and JavaServer Pages. This course will help you make the jump into WebSphere development and is ideal for just about everyone who wants to advance their career.
  • Learn how to develop J2EE applications using Rational Developer 6 and WebSphere Application Server
  • Use Rational Developer 6 to develop, test, and debug Java applications
  • Understand the J2EE multi-tier application model and the Model-View-Controller design pattern
  • Create and test WebSphere Servlets and JavaServer Pages
  • Create and test web pages
  • And much, much more!
Upon completion of this course you will be prepared to take the certification exam to become an IBM Certified Associate Developer.

Introduction to WebSphere Using Rational Developer 6 is completely integrated and plugs into Rational Developer 6. The lessons are viewed using Rational Developer's Help system. The many live demonstrations and activities included in the course are done right in Rational Developer 6. Below is a screen shot showing the course in Rational Developer Help:

Once you have completed TLCC's Introduction to WebSphere course then the next step is the Servlet and JSP Programming course. This advanced programming course focuses on servlets, JavaServer Pages, and JDBC. This course will teach you how to:
  • Manage user sessions to add shopping cart functionality to your site
  • Add error handling to servlets and JSPs
  • Use and create Custom tag libraries to create dynamic JavaServer Pages
  • Build a Java Bean and then use it on a JavaServer Page
  • Use JDBC to integrate your WebSphere application with relational databases
  • Test and deploy your WebSphere application using the tools included in Rational Developer 6
  • And much, much, more...

TLCC also offers Developing Applications for WebSphere Portal 5.1. This distance learning course covers:
  • What are Portals and the Portal Server Architecture
  • How to develop, debug, and test Portal applications in IBM Rational Developer 6
  • The JSR 168 Portlet API
  • Using Portlet Tag Libraries
  • Creating Cooperative Portlets to allow one Portlet to interact with another Portlet
  • Using JavaServer Faces in Portlets
  • Using Struts in Portlets
  • Integrating Domino with WebSphere Portal Server

As always, TLCC's WebSphere training offers:
  • Responsive instructor support - an expert is only a click away!
  • Incredible convenience - learn WebSphere at your own pace, at your own place
  • Superior course quality - excellent content, materials and organization
  • Low cost - up to 75% less than classroom training
After completing these courses and gaining some experience with Rational Developer you should be prepared to take the certification exam to become an IBM Associate Developer on Rational Application Developer, V6.

RoadMap of TLCC's Webphere training courses (using Rational Developer) for ALL developers

IBM Rational Developer 6 Courses (Some Java experience is a prerequisite)
IBM WebSphere Portal Development (The courses above are a prerequisite.)

FREE Demo Course - Introduction to WebSphere Using Rational Developer 6

Try the demo version of Introduction to WebSphere Using Rational Developer 6 course for free. The demo version contains a subset of the lessons and activities from the full version. IBM Rational Developer 6 must first be installed on your system to install this demo course (see link below.)

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Click here to learn how to obtain and install the free trial version of Rational Developer 6

IBM has also released new certifications to support the new release of Rational Application Developer. TLCC has updated our Guide to WebSphere Certifications tip to include the new Rational Developer certifications.
Click here to read this updated Guide to WebSphere Certifications

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