Notes Domino 8.5 System Administration Update
Units: 8
Duration: 2 classroom equivalent days
Discussion Access: One Year

Summary Description
The Domino 8.5 server has several new features that will be of great interest to administrators. This self-paced course, designed for experienced Domino 8 Administrators covers these new features. Learn how the Domino Configuration Tuner can help fine-tune your Domino environment. Use the new Domino Attachment and Object Service (DAOS) to store attachments outside of Domino databases, significantly improving available diskspace on your Domino server. Learn about the new changes for implementing dynamic Policies and how it can make managing your user configurations easier. Take advantage of the new ID Vault to safely store all the user id files in a database to let users recover their password and id file on their own without the need for help from a support person. Learn how to set up Notes Shared Login to allow Notes users to use their Windows login to automatically unlock their Notes user id file. Other changes and features introduced in the 8.5 server are also covered.
TLCC's Notes Domino 8.5 System Administration Update course is a great way to learn what's new in Notes Domino 8.5, prepare for the update exam (956) and quickly update your certification to IBM Certified System Administrator - Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.

Audience and Prerequisites
Experienced Notes and Domino 8 System Administrators.

System Requirements
  • Notes 8.5 client
  • Domino Administrator 8.5 client
  • Domino 8.5 Server (The course includes instructions on how to download and install the free trial version of the Domino 8.5 Administrator client and the Domino 8.5 server.)
  • At least one computer on which the Domino 8.5 test server can be installed
  • Access to the Internet for instructor support

Course Modules

Module 1 - Update Overview / Course Configuration
This module provides an overview of new features in Domino 8.5. The activities in this module provide detailed instructions to install and configure a test Domino server and a test Domino Administrator client. This testing environment will be used to complete the activities in the other modules in this course.
  • Review the new features in Domino 8.5
  • Install and configure a test Domino server
  • Set up a test Domino Administrator client
Module 2 - Domino Server Enhancements
This module provides details and instructions for implementing the new Domino Server enhancements. The Domino Configuration Tuner (DCT) is a new tool to help administrators ensure they are implementing the optimal server settings and configurations in the Server documents, NOTES.INI file, and advanced database properties. New and enhanced features that deal with the Notes client and client configuration are explored as well as several new and enhanced features that are server specific.
  • Use the new Domino Configuration Tuner (DCT) to help optimize the Domino server settings and configuration
  • Understand how the Domino Attachment and Object Service (DAOS) can save significant disk space by implementing a new document attachment architecture
  • Learn about the new and enhanced features that deal with the Notes client and client configuration
  • Learn about additional server features and enhancements
Module 3 - Security Enhancements
Domino 8.5 security is enhanced with the new Notes Shared Login feature, which allows Notes users to log in without needing to provide their Notes password. The Notes ID Vault is an optional feature that holds protected copies of Notes user IDs and allows for easier management by both Administrators and Users. Enabling XPage security to allow users to execute XPages from the Domino HTTP server is also covered in this module.
  • Enable the Notes Shared Login feature
  • Set up and configure an ID Vault
  • Enable XPage security on the Domino 8.5 server
Module 4 - Domino iNotes and Web Server Enhancements
This module introduces the new features and enhancements to the Domino iNotes and the Domino web server. The iNotes Ultralite mode allows mobile devices such as the iPhone to access Notes Mail, Contacts and a Day At A Glance calendar view via a web browser. The process of defining and integrating widgets into the iNotes client is explored as well as several other Domino 8.5 web server features and enhancements.
  • Learn how the new iNotes Ultralite mode can be used by mobile devices to access Notes applications
  • Define a set of widgets that can be integrated into the Lotus iNotes mail client
  • Learn about additional Domino web server features and enhancements
Module 5 - Changes to Domino Release 8.5.1
This module describes the enhancements and new features included in the 8.5.1 release of Notes and Domino. There are several new features and new functionality related to administering the Domino server. There are also enhancements to the installation and configuration of the Notes client along with corresponding policy changes. Finally, enhancements to the iNotes and Web client as well as related policy changes that affect them are covered in this module.
  • Understand and apply the new/updated server features and functionality included in 8.5.1
  • Discover the Notes client installation and configuration 8.5.1 enhancements and corresponding policy changes
  • Understand and apply the iNotes and web client 8.5.1 enhancements and corresponding policy changes