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Course History for Notes Domino 9 System Administration Update

Last Revision Date:October 16,2018
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Release DateDomino Release:Changes in Lessons
10/16/20189.0 and 10.0None - Updated Installer to install with Notes V10
02/20/20159.0.1Module 4
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) Support - New section "Updated TLS 1.0 Support and Enhancements in Release 9.0.1 Fix Pack 3" added to end of lesson.
Module 5
  • Several lessons and activities revised to replace the former source of sample OpenSocial gadgets (the web site originally used to acquire the sample gadgets, "" is no longer available) with a TLCC-provided sample gadget source.
  • Importing a Pre-configured Widget into the Widget Catalog - New lesson added.
  • ... Activity - Import, Approve and Run a Pre-configured Widget - New activity added.
06/23/20149.0.1Module 1
    • ... Activity - Install and Configure the Domino 9 Server - Updated download instructions for free Domino Server trial version from IBM Developerworks site.
Module 2
    • Additional Server Features and Enhancements - New section for "Replication-style compact" and minor changes to "Enhancements to Return Receipts Configuration Settings" section.

The following lessons and activities include new material related to new features and enhancements added in Release 9.0.1:

Module 1

    • New Features in Notes Domino 9.0 Social Edition - Release 9.0.1 features included at the end of this lesson.
    • ... Activity - Install and Configure the Domino 9 Server - Added note re: Domino server installation for 9.0.1 now fully accessible.
Module 2
    • Additional Server Features and Enhancements - New section "ODS Version Number for Release 9.0.1 Updated to 52".
Module 3
    • Notes Client Features and Configuration Enhancements - Added "9.0.1 Calendar Enhancement" note box and "New Execution Control Lists (ECL) Option introduced in 9.0.1 to Load Java Code" section.
    • iNotes Features and Configuration Enhancements - Added "Release 9.0.1 - New Features and Enhancements" section.
    • Notes Browser Plug-in - Added 9.0.1 notes re: mail-in applications support and multiuser integration assistant support for the multi-user standalone Notes Browser Plug-in install.
Module 4
    • Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) - Added "New in 9.0.1 - Federated Login Password Improvement" note.
Module 5
    • ... Activity - Configure the Domino Mail Server for OpenSocial Support - Updated OpenSocial component download instructions from Passport Advantage and for free trial version from IBM developerworks site.
    • Domino Server with Shindig Configuration - Several 9.0.1 related additions added to this lesson.
    • ... Activity - Configure the Domino Server with Shindig for OpenSocial Support - Part 2 instructions modified to reference how to open the Widget Catalog using the classic view interface in both 9.0 and 9.0.1 (also in other activities). Part 3 instructions modified for new 9.0.1 functionality.
    • Notes and iNotes Client Configuration - "Desktop Settings" procedure modified to indicate ENABLE_EE=1 notes.ini setting no longer required in 9.0.1. (Also included in related activity that follows.)
    • Widget Approval Process - Added "New in 9.0.1" content to "Obtaining First Time Approval - Required Proxy Settings" procedure.
07/29/20139.0Module 2
    • Domino Server Monitoring and Analysis Enhancements - Added notes to QoS section regarding not enabling fault recovery at same time as QoS and to not set a password for file. Minor text addition to Fault Analyzer section and image replacement.
    • Additional Server Features and Enhancements - Minor edits to Server Group Names section.
Module 3
    • Notes Client Features - Minor addition to "Mark New Contacts as Private" section.
    • iNotes Features - Added point to end of Sametime Integration section.
Module 4
    • SAML - Added procedure steps for "Manually create a Domino Metadata file" conditional task. Various other minor edits and additions in this lesson.
    • Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-2) - Edits/changes to "Requirements" section and added new Tip re: mixed release environments to end of lesson. Corrected notes.ini parameter value for enabling AES default encryption (also in related activity).
    • Transport Layer Security (TLS) - Various edits and additions to this lesson.
Module 5
    • Widget Approval Process - Added notes.ini setting to change time interval for updates to OAuth client information.
06/18/20139.0Original 9.0 course release
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