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Course History for Notes Domino 8.5 Application Development 2

Last Revision Date:September 5,2013
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Release Date:Notes Domino
Changes in Lessons:*Changes in Activity Databases:
09/05/20138.5.3Module 1
  • View Events - Typo correction.
  • Demo 1.1 Object Event Programming form - Instruction steps wording edit.
  • Demo\View 1.2 - QueryDocumentDelete - Wording corrections and added missing "unlocked" documents.
05/11/20128.5.3Preface - Added Exam Objectives and Course Topic Mapping documents.Workbench
  • Activity 1a - Create a Working Set - Corrected Working Set name.
  • Activity3.1, Activity3.2, Activity3.3, Demo3.1, Demo3.2, Demo3.3 - Revised @DbColumn and DBLookup formulas.
03/07/20128.5.3Modules 1
  • Form Events - Edit to WebQueryOpen description.
Module 4
  • Execution Control Lists - Revised/updated content under "Signing Design Elements using Domino Designer" section.
Module 7
  • Other View and Column Options
    • Lesson title change
    • Added "Ignore Prefixes for Sorted Columns" section.
Module 9
  • Adding Pages and Setting Properties - Updated link in the "Debugging Composite Applications" tip.
  • Using Widgets Across Your Organization
    • Updated content/images where necessary for 8.5.2 (or later)
  • Other Changes to Composite Applications in Release 8.5.1 (or later)
    • Lesson title change.
    • Added "More Options to Start CAE in 8.5.2 or later"
    • Added "Use a CAI URL to open a composite application (8.5.2 or later)" section.
Module 10 - Revised for new Exam 985 objectives.
  • Activity 1a - Create a Working Set - Instruction edits to support newer working set options/procedures.
12/17/20108.5.1General typo correctionsNo changes to activity databases.
08/04/20108.5.1Changes to the course material that were made to reflect changes and new features introduced with the Release 8.5.1 of Notes/Domino.

General typo corrections
Activity databases repacked for minor changes.
08/26/20098.5.0Original course releaseOriginal activity databases released
*NOTE: Any changes in the Activity databases do not replicate, and are only available from a new install.
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