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Course History for Notes Domino 8.5 System Administration 2

Last Revision Date:September 5,2013
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Release DateDomino Release:Changes in Lessons
09/05/20138.5.3Module 4
  • Policies - Minor edits and additional clarification.
  • Policy Hierarchies and Inheritance - Minor edits and additional clarification.
  • Settings Documents - Updated Connections Settings document.
02/05/20138.5.3Module 1
  • Installing and Configuring Domino Administrator - Updates to content and installation procedure.
  • ... Activity - Set Up an Additional Server - Minor edits/additions to instructions.

Module 2
  • Domino Server Controller and Domino Console - Content edits and additions.
  • Event Generators - Updated "Creating a Statistic Event Generator" procedure.
  • Dealing with Server Crashes - Revised content for "Automatic Diagnostic Collection" section.

Module 4
  • Expanding the Organization's Naming Hierarchy - Updated image for "Viewing Existing Certifiers" section, and edit to "Registering an Organizational Unit" procedure.
  • ... Activity - Migrating a Certifier to the CA Process - Revises instruction step 10.5.
  • Registering New Users - Added/revised content for "Storing the User ID" section.
  • Policies - Additional explanation added to table in "Locking Down Policy Settings" section.
  • Settings Documents - Correction to "The Mail Settings Document" section.
06/06/20128.5.3Preface - Added two Exam Objectives and Course Topic Mapping documents.

Module 1

    • Domino Servers on the Network - Amended note for OS platform used in this course (Windows Server)
    • Activity - Installing the Domino Server Software - Added notes for Windows considerations and installing Fix Packs.
    • Activity - Altering the NOTES.INI - Added Windows 7 note to grant Full Access to Domino install directory.
    • Setting Up the First Server - Correction in ID name table.
    • Starting the Server (lesson and activity)- Added note re: "Start Domino as a regular application".
Module 2
    • Domino Server Controller and Domino Console - Added Windows 7 notes to both procedures.
    • Activity - Using the Domino Controller and Console - Revised instructions.
    • Monitoring Domino Servers - Updated content for server monitoring.
    • Event Generators - Typo corrections.
    • Server Backups and Transaction Logging - Corrections to minimum log size value.
Module 3
    • Activity - Working with Database Catalogs ... - Minor revisions.
    • Advanced Database Properties - Revised/updated content.
Module 4
    • The Certificate Authority Process - Additional information for "Certificate Revocation List".
    • Settings Documents - Addition information for "Save window state".
    • Activity - ID Vault - Minor instructions edits.
Module 6
    • DAOS - Additional information regarding backing up DAOS.
    • SMTP Restrictions and Controls - Addition information regarding ambiguous name rejections.
    • Message Recall - Additional information for Message Recall security.
    • iNotes - Additional information for: RSS feed configurations in Mail Settings documents, enabling Contacts synchronization, and Recent Contacts management.
Module 7 - Additional Exam Topics - The following new lessons added to cover certification exam objectives.
    • Implementing On-demand Index Collations
    • IBM CommonStore Archive Services
    • Agent Manager Settings
    • Database Encryption
01/10/20128.5.3The following lesson editions were made to reflect the new features in release 8.5.3:

Module 1
    • Activity - Installing the Domino Server Software - Provided new 1st step with link to trial software.
Module 2
    • Replication Probes - Added "DDM Events and PIRC"
Module 3
    • Basic Database Maintenance - Added "Fixup Changes related to PIRC"
Module 4
    • Notes Client Installation and Setup - Added the following new sections:
      • "NOTES.INI Setting to Specify Startup Database".
      • "Single-user to Multi-user Migration Tool"
      • "New UpdateSiteMgr Tool for adding/removing Components from Notes Install Kit"
      • "Notes Install Cleanup Executable (NICE) Tool"
    • Settings Documents
      • Added: "Desktop Policy to control KeyView file format filters for attachments"
      • Added "Machine-specific Policy Settings"
    • User and group Changes - Added "AdminP Command for Managing User Renames"
    • ID Vault - Added "ID Vault Policy to prevent password prompts from other Notes-based applications"
Module 6
    • iNotes - Added "iNotes Features introduced in Version 8.5.3" section.
    • Using Widgets in iNotes
      • Added "Enhancements to Widgets and Live Text" section.
    • Lotus traveler
      • Added "New in 8.5.3: Enhancements to Lotus Traveler" section
      • Updated reference info/link at end of lesson
05/17/20118.5.2Module 1
    • Revisions to lessons/activities relating to the path and options for the course testing environment.
Module 2
    • Database Probes - Added "Domino Diagnostic Probe" section.
Module 3
    • Basic Database Maintenance - Added "Corrupt Database Collection" and "Space Used Column" sections.
Module 4
    • Notes Client Installation and Setup - Added "Character Restrictions on Notes Installation Directory Names", "New and Changed Command Line Arguments", and "Notes Preloader Option for Improved Performance" sections.
    • Settings Documents - Added "Administrative Accounts for Management of Client Plug-ins" and "Managed Mail Replicas" sections.
    • Roaming Users - Added "Disable and Re-enable Roaming User Status" section.
Module 5
    • Activity - Creating a Condensed Directory Catalog - Edits to instructions.
Module 6
    • DAOS - Added "Upgrading Multiple Local Databases to a new ODS" and "New DAOS Enhancement for Archive Databases in Version 8.5.2" sections.
    • iNotes - Added all new 8.5.2 material to end of lesson.
    Appendix D
    • New documents and revisions to instructions for the course testing environment.
06/30/20108.5.1Module 2
    • Event Generators - Added "Ease of use for Platform Statistic Event Generators" section.
Module 4
    • Roaming Users - Added the highlighted "Starting with Version 8.5.1 the Notes user Workspace is now included in Roaming" material below first table. 8.5.1 additions to the "Disabling Roaming Users" Tip.
    • Settings Documents - Added: "Setting Options in the Client's NOTES.INI, Location Document and pushing Eclipse plug-in settings", "Pointer to Lotus Protector Server", "Customized Mail Quota Warning", "Expanded ID Vault Integration", "Push Trusted Certificates to Clients", "Time Stamping Plug-in Jar Signatures" and "Mail Client Detection" sections.
Module 6
    • DAOS - Added "DAOS Object Copy Optimization Feature added in Version 8.5.1" and "New DAOS Statistics Command" section.
    • iNotes - Added "New iNotes Features in 8.5.1" to end of lesson.
03/24/20098.5.0Original course release
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