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Course History for Notes Domino 9 System Administration 1

Last Revision Date:October 16,2018
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Release DateDomino Release:Changes in Lessons
10/16/20189.0 and 10.0None - Updated Installer to install with Notes V10
02/20/20159.0.1Module 6
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) Support - New section "Updated TLS 1.0 Support and Enhancements in Release 9.0.1 Fix Pack 3" added to end of lesson.
06/23/20149.0.1Module 1
  • ... Activity - Install and Configure the Domino 9 Server - Updated download instructions for free Domino Server trial version and added note re: Domino server installation for 9.0.1 now fully accessible.
  • Notes Browser Plug-in - Added 9.0.1 notes re: mail-in applications support and multiuser integration assistant support for the multi-user standalone Notes Browser Plug-in install.

Module 2
  • Domino Application Structure - Revised "ODS Version Number for Release 9.x Applications" Note box for 9.0.1 changes.

Module 3
  • The Execution Control List - Added "New Execution Control Lists (ECL) Option introduced in 9.0.1 to Load Java Code" section.

Module 6
  • Session Authentication - Added content to "Creating a Web SSO Configuration Document" procedure for new LtpaToken fields in 9.0.1.
  • Added the two Exam Objectives and TLCC Course Topic Mapping documents.
  • Original course release
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