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Course History for JavaScript for XPages Development (8.5)

Last Revision Date:September 4,2013
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Release DateNotes Domino
    Changes in Lessons
*Changes in Activity Databases
09/04/20138.5.3Minor typo corrections.No changes to activity databases.
02/13/20138.5.3Module 1
  • Using the XPages JavaScript Editor - Updated content to include changes to Client-side JavaScript editor in 8.5.3.

Module 2
  • Core JavaScript Building Blocks - Correction for example code in "Expressions" section.
  • Statements & Expressions - Correction for example code in "Expressions" section.

Module 3
  • Number Object - Corrected results/value for toPrecision in "Number Methods" table.

Appendix A
  • JavaScript and XPages References - Updated JavaScript & XPages references.
  • DemoXPage321 - Typo correction.
  • DemoXPage334 - Revised first button to use the "new" operator for declaring empty array.
  • ActivityXPage32 - Corrected misspelling.
09/19/20118.5.2NoneMinor change to Custom Control in Workbench (CCDisplayCSJavaScriptNoSSconvert)
07/28/20118.5.2Module 4
  • Debugging Client-side JavaScript with Firebug - Added "version" Note and moved lesson to top of module.
Module 5
  • Activity - Including @Functions in Server-side JavaScript - Added "Challenge Activity".
Minor changes to Custom Controls in Workbench
06/24/20118.5.2Added Note to "Using the XPages JavaScript Editor" lesson in Module 1.
Minor correction to "Regular Expressions" lesson in Module 3.
Minor changes in Workbench:
  • ActivityXPage29
  • DemoXPage287
05/30/20118.5.2Minor correction to one lesson in Module 1Minor change to DemoXPage236
04/01/20118.5.2Original 8.5 course releaseOriginal activity databases released

*NOTE: Any changes in the Activity databases do not replicate, and are only available from a new install.

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