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Course History for Developing Domino 8.5 Web Applications

Last Revision Date:February 28,2014
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Release Date:Notes Domino
Changes in Lessons:*Changes in Activity Databases
02/28/20148.5.3Minor changes/corrections.Workbench
  • XPage - ActivityDemo41NewXPage - renamed for 8.5.3 conformity
  • Added Exam Objectives and Course Topic Mapping documents.
No design changes to activity or demonstration design elements. Only change to Workbench control document to set date for this course release
03/07/20128.5.3Module 1
  • About the Web Preview Feature - Updated content
  • Starting and Stopping the HTTP Task - Updated content
  • Working with Pass-Thru HTML and the HTML Editor
    • Lesson title change
    • "Editing Pass-Thru HTML" procedure revised.
Module 2
  • Rich Text Fields - Content edits and added note for Dojo Rich Text Editor bug in 8.5.3.
Module 4
  • Layers - Minor content edits, and demo launch button correction.
  • Outlines - Updated content for "Step 1: Create an Outline"
  • Form - Activity 1.1 - Create a Working Set
  • Form - Activity 1.3 - Working with Pass-Thru HTML
  • Form - Demo 2.9.2 Rich Text Editor
  • Form - Demo 2.9.3 Dojo Rich Text Editor
08/05/20118.5.2Module 1
  • Working with Pass-Thru HTML and the HTML Pane - Removed last point in "Pass-thru HTML" section and added Tip for new Eclipse-based HTML Editor after procedure.
  • Developing for Notes and the Web - Removed Tip for setting Internet Explorer JVM option.
Module 3
  • Creating Templates for Web Views - Corrected view name references in Tip
  • Enabling the View Applet - Added content to "Disadvantages" table.
Module 4
  • Activity - Create a Page - Added note to activity step.
Module 5
  • Domino URL Syntax and Commands - Edits to "How to Open a Domino Server, Database, or View" section/table.
Module 6
  • HTML Generation Options - Images and text changes.
  • Using Themes - Images and text changes.
  • Creating a Domino Web Service Provider - Added new images/description for [Show WSDL] button.
  • Edit a Domino Design Element using the DXL Editor - Edit to step 1 in procedure.
Module 7
  • Domino Database Settings for Web Applications - Image and text changes.
  • Resolving Security Vulnerabilities - Text edit.
Module 8 - (Updated overall content for Release 8.5.2)
  • Using Core Controls when Editing Documents - Re-designed CheckBox/RadioButton Group demo.
  • Combining a View and a Document - Re-designed content/procedure and demo.
  • Activity - Displaying a View and a Document on the Same XPage - Re-designed activity.
  • Changes to XPages in Release 8.5.1 - lesson renamed to Other Features and Compatibility Considerations ( new content and demo added).
  • Form - Activity 1.1 - Create a Working Set
  • Form - Activity 2.2 List Fields - Typo correction
  • XPage - DemoForm-4-4-3-RadioCheckBoxes
    • Form - Demo 4.4.3 - Check and Radio Boxes
    • View - DemoView 4.4.3
  • Page - DemoPage6.1
  • XPage - DemoXPage721 - (New XPage for "Combining view and document" demo)
  • XPage - DemoXPage492 - (New XPage for Dojo demo)
  • XPages - ActivityXPage721Demo and ActivityXPage721- (New XPages for "Display a view and document" activity)
08/18/20108.5.1Changes to course material to reflect changes and new features introduced with Release 8.5.1 of Notes/DominoNo changes to activity databases.
09/11/20098.5.0Original course release

*NOTE: Any changes in the Activity databases do not replicate, and are only available from a new install.

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