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Course History for Beginner Java Programming for Notes Domino 8.5

Last Revision Date:February 28,2014
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Release DateNotes Domino
Changes in Lessons*Changes in Activity Databases
02/28/20148.5.3Minor changes/corrections.
  • No changes in Activity databases
  • Setting up the Web Preview Feature - Updated document.

Module 1
  • Introduction to Domino Designer in Eclipse - Added: "Multiple Perspectives in DD 8.5" and "Filter Design Elements in App Nav"
  • What is Java
      • Updated Sun/Oracle references/links
      • Revised/updated "The Java Virtual Machine" section
      • Updated the "Java versus LotusScript" table
  • Java Development Environment - Updated references/links to Sun/Oracle.
  • No changes in Activity databases
  • Overall updates to Notes/Domino release number references throughout course
  • Module 1
    • Using the Java Editor in Designer - Added Tip "New 8.5.2 Preference - Save Java Agent if Source Changes"
  • No changes in Activity databases
  • Modules 1 and 4
    • Content and images updated for the Eclipse-based Java editor introduced in Release 8.5.1
  • Appendix A
    • Includes documents for creating Java agents and shared libraries for students using Release 8.5.0
  • General modifications/edits made to several activity and demonstration instructions to reflect the new Java editor interface
  • Original 8.5 course release
  • Original activity databases released
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